a1The world of politics is a colorful one. It can also be quite daunting and confusing. People who do not fully understand its mechanics may find politics too complicated and, more often than not, uninteresting, so much so that they shrug it off. Change Congress was made for these people.

Created and put together by a dynamic and passionate team of individuals, Change Congress is a virtual magazine focused on politics and its related fields. It contains news, opinions, special features, and information about the country and the world’s most influential leaders.

Change Congress is also intended to serve as the voice of the people. It is where you are free to explore and express your thoughts, ideas, and theories. It is where you can share your opinions on some of the world’s most important issues and events.

Likewise, Change Congress aims to reach out to young people in search of free and unbiased opinions from some of the most relevant journalists and influencers in the country.

Change Congress features interviews, editorials, blog features, videos, and podcasts that are timely and enlightening. Likewise, it welcomes contributions from individuals who want to share their experiences, ideas, and opinions on certain issues, events, and developments.

As it aims to always hear both sides of the story, Change Congress does not support any specific politician, political organization, or political party.