Change Congress is an online venue for individuals who want their voices to be heard. It aims to provide opportunities for members of different communities to share their side of the story. As such, Change Congress encourages its readers to speak out by contributing and submitting their (original) written pieces.

One of the aims of Change Congress is to be the home of lively but fair, free, and constructive discussions on political issues and topics. Readers are encouraged to participate in forums, surveys, and online polls.

In addition to this, Change Congress intends to shed light on some of the biggest issues in the country and the world through the voices of the masses.


Guidelines for Change Congress Reader Submissions 

Before you submit your content to Change Congress, please be sure to understand the following:

Make sure that the content you submit is original pieces. Never submit articles that are not your name; or content that you merely copied from another site. You must be the writer of the article, and the content must not have been published anywhere else – whether on print or online.

Change Congress accepts only relevant articles, those that are focused on politics and other fields related to it.

Your article/s should follow the required format: the title, the headers, bullet points, and the sub-headers. Your article/s should have a word count of ____ to ____ words.

Before you submit your article, please be sure to provide content with thorough reviews and edit your work.

Your article/s should not use copyright materials (images, videos, and other form of content). If you need to use a photo or video owned by another page or writer, please credit the owner.

Once you are sure your article/s follow the above mentioned guidelines, submit it/them to _____________________________. Please allow Change Congress to review your contributions first before publishing. You will be informed via email once your article is posted.