Merriam-Webster has several definitions for politics. The main reference is the relation of actions that influence the actions and policies of a government. It can also refer to the job of voted individuals or elected officials who are part of a government.”  

A third definition refers to politics as the opinions people have about what the government should be doing, whereas a person’s political thoughts. Based on these definitions, we can surmise that, indeed, politics means different things to a lot of individuals. While there are some who do not like talking about it, there are also quite a lot of people who believe that it is a valuable part of our daily lives. This is what we will try to understand in this article. 

Politics is All About Making Decisions for the Good of the People 

One of the primary responsibilities of a politician is to make laws and decisions that can help the general population. Therefore, politics is an inevitable part of our lives. Without politics, the different interests of people will not be reconciled; will not be given a proper platform. In this way, politics becomes an important aspect of survival. 

Politics Brings People Together 

Politics reconciles differences. As such, it brings people together. It is not the only way to patch differences, but it is an effective way. It has its differences, but it also uses respect and tolerance to make things happen the way they should – especially when two people or two groups are involved in a heated argument or a fight. 

Politics is for the Common Good 

Honest politicians have one goal in mind: to fulfill their plans and projects for the common good. Their duty is to serve the people; to become not only its benefactor but also its partner in achieving goals. Politics is a good venue for people who want to share what they know with the common people. In every way, this greatly helps in creating an effect in someone’s life. 

Politics Brings Together the Leaders and the People 

Coming up with laws and policies that are meant to help the general population, particularly in times of need, is one of the things can be achieved through politics. Political leaders can work alongside the citizens in setting laws and policies in healthcare, education, and the economy, among others. Therefore, politics unites people with their leaders. This is essential if the goal is to create a harmonious and productive community. 

Politics is About Education, Too 

One of the most essential responsibilities of a government is to educate its people, not only in the academics but also in the other aspects of life. This is where political literacy gets in. Through politics, people are taught about their basic rights and their responsibilities as citizens. They are taught about what a good leader is and what he can do to help the country and its citizens. Political literacy is important for people to understand their privilege of partnering with elected officials to create laws and policies for the good of everyone.

Politics Is Important in (Your) Decision Making 

Every decision a person makes can affect an individual and, sometimes, a specific population. If you are well-versed in politics, you will know that it can affect the decision you make. You know that your decision is a result of all the laws and policies; of governance. 

Politics Gives You an Idea of What’s Going On Around You 

Politics has a way of informing you about what’s going on around you – not only in your community, city, or country but throughout the world as well. For example, let’s say a new law for tourists was approved in Greece and you’re set to go there in a month’s time. If you are aware of this, you will be able to prepare for whatever it is you need to do or adhere to before you fly to Greece. It pays to be informed, of course! 

Politics Allows You to Say What’s in Your Mind 

Being well-informed about the political movements in your country (and the world) will give you the opportunity to examine your thoughts and share these with the people around you. This will also help you make informed decisions easily. Likewise, it is essential to remember that whatever laws and policies are created as a result of politics will affect not only your life, but many others’ as well. If you, for instance, plan to buy a property in a foreign country, you need to first consider its laws before signing any contracts. Your decision will depend on what politics has served on your plate. 

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