Useful Links

Change Congress believes in the vastness of the World Wide Web. Therefore, it encourages its visitors to find time to read, gather information, and learn. Reading is important, especially if your focus is on politics, which can be quite confusing and misleading.

Here are several useful links that you can use to find relevant information, news, updates, advice, and discussions on politics.


This is where the most relevant information about state Congressional donations is found. The data you get from this online resource is nonpartisan and verified. Follow the Money covers all 50 states of the country. This website was awarded the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions in 2015.



If you are familiar with the reality show “Big Brother,” you will understand the concept of LittleSis. This website follows or tracks the connections between politicians, including lobbyists, business leaders, and financiers. It is a free database site, and all the information it dishes out is categorized as public. Some examples of their content include former work connections of White House officials, where America’s wealthiest donate their riches, and politicians who are married to lobbyists.


If you want information about politics from different parts of the world, Political Compass is the right website for you. It specializes in providing profiles of famous political personalities, both past, and present. Its content is perfect for both first-time and seasoned voters. The website was established in 2001.



FactCheck is one of the awardees for the 2016 Webby Awards for Political Blogs. It is an online platform for consumer advocacy and was established to monitor the accuracy of facts indicated or shared by politicians through their speeches, debates, and interviews, as well as for the ads that come out on TV and radio.