5 Ways Technology Is Enabling Businesses To Run 24/7

It should be pointed out that most of the brick and motor outfits still open at regular working hours and shut shop at the end of the day. And that remained the status, until a few years back but now thanks to many advances in technology and the fact that most consumers are digitally savvy, it is now possible for companies to remain open 24/7 without having to physically open up shop or having to accrue massive overheads either. From typewriters to paper invoices, a slow but steady transformation has taken place over the last decade to the point; that companies can now, operate 24/7, seamlessly. To know more, do read on.

Websites: these days, companies need an online presence to compete more effectively. And from a business point of view, it makes perfect sense since online visitors can check out their landing pages, their various software applications, and other related products and make the desired purchases as well. The fact that companies can now advertise and run detailed marketing campaigns round the clock, thanks to the advancements in the internet and technology has made them much more productive.

Email marketing: One of the many advances, when it comes to online marketing happens to be email marketing. Companies have been using email marketing effectively ever since they managed to establish a presence online. It is similar to cold calling, but email marketing tends to be a tad more personal and targets the customer base much more effectively. This results in a better conversion rate and what’s more, a company does not need to be physically open, for it to work – all that the company in question would need is an online website, with an integrated shopping cart so that the prospective customer can make the required purchases if required.

E-shops: Thanks to the advent of e-commerce and the establishment of several e-stores, companies can now market their products online. While early on, consumers often headed over to the local department stores or grocery stores to make direct purchases, an even number of them out to make their purchases at the various e-stores. The fact is that companies often entice customers with offers and discounts and what’s more, consumers can log in anytime to place their orders. These e-stores can boost its customer base, its productivity and help it to sell more of its products online.

Social media marketing: This is another aspect of the digital world that companies have been quick to take advantage of. These days, anytime that a company wants to launch a product or make an important announcement, it immediately posts a statement on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The fact is that most social media websites boast of a readership base in millions and by posting regular updates on such platforms, these companies can leverage these platforms more effectively. The result is that they can count on increased traffic, and improved customer interaction, than before.

Video marketing: Companies have started to target platforms such as Youtube, Instagram since it allows them to develop and market videos. And when it comes to marketing, videos and high-resolution images make for a better pitch than any other form of content online. And thanks to the many advances in technology, companies can now develop high-resolution videos and images with ease, host them on their websites, as well as social media accounts and market them on sites such as Youtube, among others. By developing and commercializing high definition media files, these companies are able to reach out to a broader audience, resulting in more traction online and a sharp increase in web traffic as well.

These are some of the ways by which technology has made it possible for companies to operate 24/7, round the clock. It has undoubtedly helped these companies to compete better and to become more productive in the long run, as well.

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