Affordable Upgrades To Theft-Proof your House

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is probably the thought of someone breaking in, destroying their property and stealing their valuables. It is not just a matter of monetary loss, but something that also concerns the safety of the individual and family. Crimes that involve breaking into homes demand serious attention and requires solid preventive measures. Here are some inexpensive ways to make your living space safer – 

  • Surveillance Cameras – Easily the best security products, whether you want to secure your home or your store. You can neither be present everywhere nor see everything, but this is the closest you’ll ever get. Surveillance cameras record footage as well, which means that in case something suspicious happens, you’ll have access to the footage. 
  • Alarms consider getting door and window alarms, which are quite inexpensive but very useful. Seeing how your doors and windows are the first line of defense against burglars, these require some extra attention.
  • Window Locks – Seeing as these are the most common entry points for thieves, reinforcing the security here with additional locks or key-operated levers is the first step. For additional security, using window security film, window bars and even sensors would be a good decision. 
  • Roller Shutters – Roller shutter doors are relatively inexpensive yet provide several benefits – temperature control, weather protection as well as noise reduction. But most importantly, they offer protection from intruders as they are difficult to damage and open from outside. Additional locks and bolts will further enhance the security.
  • Door Reinforcing Hardware – Contrary to the popular belief, intruders would seldom try and pick your locks, which makes those pick-proof locks quite useless. What can be helpful, however, are door reinforcement plates that help hold the door in its place and withstand a slam or a kick that may otherwise knock it down. 
  • Safe – As a contingency plan in case someone manages to sneak into your house, a safe would at least protect your valuables. You have the option of getting a portable one as well as an anchored one. A safe with two locks instead of one is recommended.
  • Light Switch Timers – An uninhabited house is more likely to be robber than a house with the occupants still inside. Therefore, timers can be convenient, help save energy and provide security by fooling the intruders into thinking that the house isn’t empty and backing off.


Although it is not possible to guarantee the absolute safety of your house, these measures and upgrades would make an intrusion highly unlikely. You can now enjoy that vacation with your family without worrying and have your peace of mind back.


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