America’s Take on Climate Change

America’s Take on Climate Change

According to the polls created for the public, Americans admit that they are really worried when it comes to global climate change. They also think that the government should take some action to fight it at the earliest. They are coming to the realization of how gruesome the situation is and believe in making changes to curb it. The question here is whether this scenario will make government act or not.

More than half the population of America believes that global warming is a real issue which should be dealt with at the earliest. People also think that climate change will cause a problem for their communities and families while affecting their wellness.

According to researchers, climate change was always prevalent it is only being communicated well to the public. This is why people can actually relate to what is happening and understand the gravity of the situation. What was perceived as a notion earlier is now becoming more apparent.

No matter how many Americans realize the damage being caused; is the government making a change when it comes to this? Statistics from a survey by the University of Chicago suggest that 83% of people want the government to intervene. Americans are also agreeing to pay the carbon tax and people would also pay an extra dollar every month just to change the climate situation.

Even though a lot of people have agreed to the reality of climate change, very few of them are willing to pay for it. Regardless of how grave the situation is, people are not willing to pitch in some money for it. Those who conducted the surveys say that it is a very sad fact.

However, the opinion of the public with regards to climate change does matter. There have been few local initiatives as well as state initiatives that have lead to less emission of the greenhouse gases. This is a huge action taken by over 281 counties and cities and it is only bound to happen when people are supporting it. Moreover, no politician would go against what the majority of public wants.

There is a shift happening with this regards and it is quite apparent. However, if the shift happens at a really slow pace, then we would keep causing harm to our planet. The only change of thinking is not necessary and there is a definite need of inspired action too. There will come a point when people will truly understand how bad the situation has become. However, in the meantime, a lot of carbon would have been emitted already.

Contrary to public opinion, the government is focusing on maximizing fossil fuel production. The government also thinks that taking climate protection would turn out to be very expensive for the industry. All nations are encouraged to participate in the Paris Agreement according to which the nations would take action to curb global warming. Not being a part of this would mean that America would continue to harm the environment through its policies.

This is not a mere agreement but would have a significant impact on global climate change. The government needs to think beyond short-term profits and should focus on sustainable choices instead.

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