Best Home Security And Safety Checklist

We’ve all learned to accept the fact we might not be safe everywhere we go anymore. Gone are the days when we felt comfortable in all areas of our cities and towns. It was only yesterday when most of us felt the whole community we lived in was as safe systems as our own living rooms. So, we’ve all learned that we only feel really comfortable in our own homes. Still, crime has found its way onto the side streets of our communities. There are more and more reports of break-ins and other home-related crime, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve done all you can as a homeowner to protect yourself. Most of the things the average person can do to keep the home safe are both inexpensive and easy as well. The front door is your first line of defense. Proper installation is important, and a peep hole that will allow for a 180-degree view from the inside is a good thing to have. That’s the best way to be able to see everyone on the porch, especially if there’s someone standing there trying to hide off to the side. Deadbolts for the inside locks are the best bet for locking doors, and a double Deadbolt provides keyed entry from the inside as well. That becomes important if you have a window in the front door that a thief can smash and reach in to turn the lock. The inside locks should be installed at least one meter or three feet from the glass as an extra precaution.

No matter how well you know the people you bought your house from, change all the locks when you move in. A lost set of keys found by someone who knows where they fit can spell disaster for you and make an insurance claim a nightmare. The garage needs special consideration. Never leave the keys in your car, and make sure the door to your garage is snug and can’t be pried open. The remote opener should only work with your door alone and the garage light should have a switch inside the home that you can turn on quickly. For your home, make sure blinds or drapes cover windows completely so that no one can look inside to see your possessions. It’s a good idea for all windows to have secondary locks as well. Furthermore, secure any air conditioner that sits in a window from the inside in case a thief tries to pull it out to gain entry to your home. While shrubs and trees are nice to look at, they should be cut back to allow a clear view of the home from the street. Hiding spots in bushes and behind trees are very tempting for thieves. Also, don’t tempt thieves by leaving lawn mowers or bicycles outside either, as those items are easily stolen and can also encourage break-ins to see what other possessions you might have. Lastly, make sure your house number is clearly visible and well lit from the street, as emergency help needs to be able to find your home easily should you ever need their services.

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