Best Things To Know Before Buying A Cctv Camera

Security cameras have become very popular nowadays owing to the fact that crime is on the rise in the USA. Many people actually buy and install these cameras without really understanding the plus and minus points of the system or the camera.

Why Is The Security Camera Resolution Important?

When you speak about the security camera resolution you would point at the clarity of the picture taken. This is normally measured by the number of horizontal video lines the camera in question requires to produce a picture. Each of these horizontal lines is measured in pixels. The higher this number would be (the higher the resolution) the sharper the picture would be. In order to have best results you would need to match as closely as possible the pixels of your camera with that of the computer or TV where you would like to watch the camera’s transmission live as well as with that of the recorder. Unless these are more or less evenly matched, the quality of the pictures captured by your system would suffer. The security camera resolution is important because this is what would help you to make a positive identification in case you are robbed or have any trouble with any person. If the image is blurred or inadequately sharp to make a positive identification in the court and by the police, you would not be able to bring the culprit to justice and therefore defeat the very purpose for which the surveillance has been installed. The low resolution pictures are okay when you need to have them sent over email as these get easily transmitted even when you use a low-speed Internet connection. This would be helpful if you use those camera systems that send alerts over cell phones and laptops though email.

What Happens When The Security Camera Resolution Is Low?

There are inexpensive cameras that provide low resolution pictures which serve the purpose when all you need to know is for example what is going on at home when you teenage children are left alone. It could be even okay when you want to watch over a new baby sitter engaged from the neighborhood. However, if you want to watch out for break-in and burglaries you need to have a security camera resolution that is high so the images captured would be clear and sharp. A low resolution camera would also capture pictures, but these would be too blurred to make a positive identification possible and therefore totally useless for you.

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