Enhance Your Home Security by Securing Your Entry Doors

Most homeowners find themselves shopping for the safest entry doors to their homes. This is because, everyone wants to have peace of mind when they are inside their house or away from home.

The good thing is there are ways that you can secure your entry door without replacing it entirely. Although in some cases replacing the entire door may be the best option. 

Read on to learn how you can enhance your home’s security to gain total peace of mind for you and your family.

Install a Heavy-Duty Dead Bolt

This should be connected to the frame by an expert door installer or locksmith. When buying a heavy-duty deadbolt lock, ensure that it has a grade 1 security rating dead bolt. This is the only way to get value for your money. You can buy a dead bolt that will be fixed on one side of the door or one that will be installed on both sides. These door security additions are known as single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts, respectively.

Fix a Multi-Point Locking System

To take your entry door security to the next level, you should fix a multi-point locking system that you can get from different door manufacturers. The benefit of adding them is they make the door harder to pry open as they are secured from top to bottom. This makes forcing the door open almost impossible which is something that ever homeowner needs.

Add a Strike Box to the Door

Get a professional carpenter or locksmith to add a strike box as the cover plate access and the jamb hole on the existing door need to be enlarged. The box includes over-sized plates and a metal pocket among other components. The strike box will not only deter intruders planning to break into the house, but they also make it tough to enter the house. 

Install Automatic Sensor Lighting

When most burglars want to break into a house, they will use the front door as the first entry option. It becomes easier for them when the door has a panel of glass or is not secured properly. But what makes it hard is too much lighting.

Automatic sensor lights completely light up your entrance way showing everyone that someone is at the front door. If you have this, an intruder will move onto the next house instead.

Install a Home Alarm System

Installing a home security alarm will not only protect your front door but also your whole home. With an alarm system installed, the moment someone attempts to break-in to your front door or any other window or entrance point, the siren will go off. This will surely scare them away. 

Stay Secured

When purchasing entry doors to your home, do not negotiate on quality. Quality is important in every aspect and when you take other measures to secure the door, you will be enhancing the overall security of your home. Consider installing a home security alarm, add a strike box to the door, and add a heavy-duty dead bolt. This will upgrade the security of your home giving you peace of mind wherever you are. 

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