How To Select The Perfect Home Security System

The security of the average apartment is often limited to a lock on the door and perhaps a lock on the patio door. While most apartment buildings have secure entrances, these don’t exactly guarantee that uninvited people don’t sneak in. Apartment buildings are usually safe, but this doesn’t mean you should be without some additional outdoor security measures for your safety. Adding home alarm systems to apartments doesn’t require pricey installation—you can do it on your own from buying through good companies product! This is accomplished by taking advantage of affordable and easy to use units that allow for multi-functional use:

Installing a Home Alarm System Without Draining Your Bank Account

Entrance Alert Units. These handy alarms can be attached to any door or window, emitting a high powered alarm in the event that a door is opened. You can opt for easily installed cheap wireless models, magnetic models, or portable units you can place next to doors or in hallways. Their affordability makes them an excellent choice for use throughout your apartment—particularly if you live on the ground level.
Portable Motion Sensor Alarm Units. These portable units work with motion and heat activated alarm sensors that emit a shrill sound when tripped; models that also light are available as well. Motion sensors are small enough to place virtually anywhere yet powerful enough to alert you and scare of intruders.

Glass Breaking Alarms. Glass breaking alarms have the unique ability to sense the sound of breaking glass and respond with a powerful alert. These discrete devices work based on the detection of glass vibrations and are sensitive enough to trigger when someone tampers with glass without breaking it.
Motion Activated Auto-Dialer. These units have the appearance of a common house phone, but pack potent two punch security with both a motion detector and auto-dialing feature. When the motion sensor is tripped the unit autodials your preprogrammed phone number and allows you to listen to whatever is going on inside your apartment.
Door Stop Alarm. This unit operates like your ordinary door stop but creates a loud alert in the event that someone attempts to enter a room. These are perfect as an added safety measure for the front and bedroom doors.
Enhancing Alarm Systems with Surveillance Cameras – Having an alarm go off provides valuable security; knowing why the alarm is going off is even better. Adding video surveillance to your home can start with a tiny camera that fits into your peephole that records any visitors and go all the way onto Wi-Fi accessible surveillance units for your entire interior and exterior areas.

You can also match your alarm units with a variety of surveillance cameras that are hidden in everyday objects such as clocks, outlets, smoke detectors and much more—even teddy bears and water bottles! Best of all, models are available with night vision and other unique features that offer superior 24-7 use. Surveillance cameras are available in models that record directly to a DVR or can be viewed in real time from wireless panels or any Wi-Fi capable electronics. These are particularly good for those who travel or are concerned about exterior safety, as well as for checking up on your beloved pets while you are away.

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