This is how you can get airtight security for your property?

With the increase in the number of vandals and burglars, it is imperative that you set up security measures in your property. While it might not be as enjoyable as decorating your house, it is undoubtedly as important as the interior designing.

Tips on airtight security for your property

1. Keep the lights on

Vandals, burglars, and thieves are less likely to attack your property if you keep the lights on. Keep the entire property well-lit with lights around the front and back yards, along paths, and near any outdoor structures, including garage and outdoor kitchen.

To protect your property while saving energy, insert timers, or automated lights. Some of these even respond when there is any movement.

2. Secure the doors

Make sure that the entrances to your house is secured. Examine all the exterior doors to the house and ensure that the frames are sturdy, and the hinges are well protected. If there is a mail slot in your door, makes sure that it is placed in such a manner that none can reach through it and unlock the door.

Simple things like deadbolts, smart locks, and video doorbells can keep your door secure.

3. Lock the windows

Along with doors, burglars find windows to be another convenient entrance. Check the latches on windows and change them if you find them to be flimsy. Draw the blinders as that will not expose your house to outsiders. For your home security, you can also install glass break sensors on the windows, and a security film on each of them.

4. Have a tight security system

Nowadays we have a lot of security options, and some of them are so easy to install that you can also install it. To choose the system that you are comfortable with, assess the security of the area your house, the requirements of your neighborhood, and your house. Get a report of the neighborhood crime statistics from your local police department and take their help in evaluating the security system required for your home.

5. Protect your Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi connection with no password provides the avenue to your financial and personal information. And if you use automation technology in your house, then you make entire property vulnerable. Once someone can hack through your password, he can easily sneak into your house post deactivating all alarms and securities. So, make sure to give a strong password to your Wi-Fi network.

6. Install security cameras

You can either get a security camera as part of your property security system or you can purchase it separately. But, whatever it might be, installing security cameras in different locations is becoming one of the most useful security measures. Vandals and burglars will not dare to enter your property if they know that it has security cameras in it. These cameras have night vision and come in a weather-proof casing. Some also have a motion detector and alarms. So, you and your neighbors get a notified the moment there is some movement in the area.

7. Get a safe

Keep your valuables in an in-home safe. In case someone gets through the other property security strategies, then at least your valuables will be protected. Keep all your necessary documents, and pieces of jewelry and cash in the safe. Keeping your valuable exposed to others is never a good practice as they can act as temptations.

If you keep a lot of valuables in the house, invest some extra bucks and purchase a safe which is fire and water resistant, and heavy enough to be carried away by someone. As a double security measure, install a hidden camera and alarm in the safe.

8. Home automation

If you are caught between the dilemma of – home decoration and home security, we have a solution for you. Go for home automation to turn your house into a smart home, and enjoy the benefit of both beauty and security. Real-time alarms, remote-control lights, motion detectors are some of the standard features of home automation.

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