New Home Security Products From Top Companies

Solar Security Solutions strive to bring customers the best in DIY home security products designed to be practical, very easy to fit and of course, deter potential intruders from targeting your home and belongings.

Money saving security

Due to the recession we are currently going through in the UK and across the globe we have added new DIY security products which are affordable to buy and can be fitted in minutes by you. This ease of fitment reduces the need to hire a professional installer to do the job for you saving you even more money during these tough times.

Our new products include decoy burglar alarms and dummy CCTV cameras.

CCTV Camera

We have introduced a new decoy security camera. It is super realistic, has a tough body which is made to a very high standard and comes complete with flashing LED and decoy night vision LED’s. Our new decoy surveillance camera comes in a choice of black or silver and includes fixings and batteries.

Decoy CCTV Camera – Black

This new security camera can be fitted as quickly and as easily as our other models meaning it can be protecting your property within minutes!

Burglar Alarms

We have added two new decoy burglar alarm siren panels to our “decoy home security” department. These are highly visible deterrents designed to fool unsuspecting intruders into thinking that your home is protected by a fully working alarm system without the expense of having an alarm system installed.

Our newest external siren panel is a highly realistic imitation alarm siren complete with flashing LED’s. However, unlike conventional decoy siren panels with flashing LED’s this one is not powered by mains electricity or batteries, it is powered entirely by the sun. Yes, that’s right; our new decoy siren box is solar powered! This means that you can fit it high up on an external wall of your home and know that you will never have to get up there again to change the batteries.

Solar Powered Decoy Alarm Siren

We also have another choice of decoy siren box. This one is basic, but very authentic decoy alarm bell box designed to deter intruders from stepping foot on your property. It doesn’t come with a solar panel or even flashing lights which makes it a much more affordable option for anyone who is looking to protect their home on a budget. Once fitted you can forget about it and will work effortlessly both day and night.

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