Power Of Coffee: How Coffee Sparks New Conversations

A lot is happening in the office recently, and you are simply not able to spend any time with your team members in the midst of all these. It’s essential to know how they are handling all the pressure. So, you walk up to them casually, “Hey, guys! Shall we go for a cup of coffee after this meeting?”

The most probable response is warm smiles. You need to break the ice with a new joiner; you invite him for a cup of coffee. And, a friends’ get-together spikes up over cups of coffee. But why? Have you thought about the power of coffee and how it helps in initiating conversations? Let’s do it today. Let’s unravel how a cup of coffee helps.

Coffee and professional setup

Do not take your coffee meetings casually, especially near the Coffee Machine. The fact is that these informal meetings can often have significant consequences for your career. Unlike formal sessions which are held in constrained set-up, the casualness of these meetings provides a broader horizon to test and to be tested. There are various reasons why more and more interviews and business meetings are conducted in coffee shops and not in meeting rooms.

Encourages openness

Most of the people have a fear of public speaking, so employees often do not speak about their problems in meetings. So, by inviting them over coffee can help them to express their thoughts more comfortably A change in the ambiance is also much responsible for boosting the morale of your employees, and they feel your concern for them.


We all are humans, we need a break, and when the manager initiates it, the warmth and concern become evident. The presence of caffeine in coffee helps you to relax. So, amid a busy day, when you take a coffee break with your colleagues, it dramatically boosts your mood and helps you to get back to work with better zeal. The fresh aroma of coffee also rejuvenates your senses.


“How would you like to have your coffee?” “Do you prefer strong, creamy, with sugar” and the list can go on. And then when you share your taste of coffee, you encourage the other person too to open up and speak. Mostly when we meet in a professional ambiance, we hesitate to open up. We also cannot present a new joiner with options on the very first day. So, when his day is brimmed with information, and suggestion, taking her out for coffee break is a great idea. It gives the new person some space to breathe, and she also gets the chance to make some choices – they might seem very petty, but they surely help in ice-breaking.

Know each other

The petite conversations over coffee help you to know each other. It encourages you and allows you to talk about the world beyond your office desk and piles of paper. Though your colleagues are your office mates and you might not have personal relationships with them, your personalities impact your office environment. Only when you know each other, you can perform well as a team. So, it is imperative to spend some time with your colleagues, and doing it over coffee is the healthiest option.

Coffee and personal relationships

Imagine you are have gone on your first date and you both don’t know how to start a conversation, isn’t the most helpful question that you ask is: how would you like to have your coffee? And then, there are so many other things to know just about a cup of coffee – strong, mild, sugar, flavor, etc. And without even realizing while sharing your preference of coffee you start knowing each other. There are times when you might feel, “Oh my God! Our views differ so drastically over a cup of coffee; how will we strike a balance in life?” On the other hand, the warmth of coffee can get infused in your relationship. It helps you to relax and feel more comfortable with each other.

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