Smart Locks and Advanced CCTV Cameras- Your All-Time Home Guards

So, you have bought your dream home and living peacefully, but what about when you leave it on vacation or for work. Unsecure homes are the primary targets of thieves and posses many risks. As technology is progressing, it is time to make your dream home a smart home that is equipped with high-security systems. CCTV cameras and smart doors not only safeguard your assets but also protect your family from strangers. 

Security of a home is not limited to only traditional keys and locks, but now smart home resident trust in smart keypad locks, top-notch CCTV cameras, and fully integrated security systems. Here are some tips and techniques one should adopt while upgrading their dream home to smart homes and installing security systems. 

CCTV Cameras

When it comes to security systems, CCTV camera is a utility that first strikes in mind. However, to be a smart homeowner, one should choose the best CCTV cameras that work as a spy when you sleep and keep track of everything that sneaks in the home. 

The Place to Install Camera: There is no use of a CCTV camera if it is not placed at a precise location. It should be installed at an adequate height where it can capture a large area without affecting the video quality. Primary locations include at the entry, backyard, sidewalls, and places which gives entrance to the house like windows. Front door cameras are also best if you have frequent visitors. 

Software Integrated: Best home security cameras come with software or mobile applications that can be operated on PC and smartphones. It gives you 24*7 access to the camera view. You can watch over who crosses the street at night and know who is ringing the bell at late night before you open the door. 

Meet Technical Requirements: Smart cameras meet the current technical requirements. A CCTV camera should have a large field of view and have a better vision in low light. Many customers prefer motion detection cameras with 180 to 270 degrees. They detect the motion of an object or person to some feet and send alerts. 

Audio Support: Choose a front door camera that comes with two-way audio support. It allows you to communicate with other people on the opposite side of the door. Moreover, some cameras also allow recording audio, which could work as evidence in a serious case. 

While CCTV cameras alert you about strangers, it is smart locks that prevent theft. Top-rated home keypad locks add extra security to your home. You can visit any event with your family stress-free without worrying about home security

Smart Door Locks

Traditional locks come with a single key that can be easily broken and give access to your home. However, smart locks come with encryptions. You can set a particular digit code and share it with your family members. 

Types of Smart Locks

Fingerprint Lock: These locks come with a fingerprint scanner system. Family members can enable the lock by setting biometric fingerprint as the key to lock. Just a touch and the door will open. What’s more, if anyone tries to malfunction it, the door will get permanently require and require a two-factor-authentication.

Smart-Card Lock: Fingerprint locks are not suitable if you have younger kids and disable members in the family. The smart-card lock comes with an encryption key that is inserted in the card and allows access to the home.

Padlocks: You can also choose keypad locks and open doors with a simple digit code. They allow more than 20 to 30 passcode so that every family member have their unique code. 

Thus, CCTV cameras and smart door locks make the best security system for your home. So say no to hiding keys and secure your home with advanced security locks and cameras.

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