The Most Suitable Places for Your Security Camera at Home!

Security Camera

When you look at your home and your family, they are precious! You want to treasure and safeguard them, always! When you leave your house for work, you expect to come back to a happy and healthy family, and definitely a safe haven! But as they say, hope is a feeling and not a strategy! Just by hoping that your family and your treasured items will remain safe, they won’t stay safe! You need to do something to ensure 100% security of your prized possessions and loved ones! And this cent percent security is possible only through good and upgraded security systems! 

If we believe the studies, it says, we invest millions in our home decor and even some on our car decors and our clothes, cosmetics, etc. But, we hesitate spending just some thousands on a proper home security system! Why? Isn’t your family of importance to you? Are you so sure that no thief or burglar or any criminal can enter your premises at an unfortunate hour? Do you believe in your locks and doors so much that you don’t feel the need of installing anything else for added security apart from these? Think what you are risking by saving your money by which you can get in Adelaide, a security system from Alpha Security, who has the answer to all your security needs and can install it efficiently for your safety concerns at your home!

 Best locations to place security cameras!

Now after knowing the importance of security systems, are you anxious to install a security camera for you home? Nice and wise decision, we will say! And a very good start for your family’s protection. But even when doing so, if you place it on the wrong side of the home or don’t pay proper attention to its positioning, installing it would be a total waste! You can’t guess a burglar by only seeing his thighs, feet or just the back! That’s why proper positioning of the security camera is extremely essential for a safer home! Read below some of the best locations in your house for it:

  • Opposite the door — A CCTV camera recording each move of any entrance and exit taken place through the main door is said to provide the maximum advantage. Not only it’ll keep a track of any invader’s entrance to your house, but even if you have pets or kids at home, and they wander out of the door, you can keep an eye on their coming and going too. Also, positioning it on the top has some added benefits. You can clearly see the entire picture of any individual and even some of the outside glimpses along with it. Whereas, a camera placed more on the bottom side would give you cut images and not even a clear front picture of anyone.
  • Opposite the windows — If you have windows at the same corner of the house, the opposite direction would be just fine for a camera. But if you have got them in all the sides, a single corner in the room which helps you get maximum view of all the windows is searched. This would help you keep track of any suspicious activities happening around the windows.
  • The exterior premises — Your exterior premises should be safe too, if you want your entire home to be secure. Ensure to place a camera at the main gate or an area near that. You should also have one of it on the top most side of your exterior wall. This would cover the maximum area of the garden, deck and even garage. If you aren’t satisfied with a single CCTV camera over such a vast area, you can simply add an extension to the garage door to keep a close check on your car too. 

CCTV cameras have been providing lots of evidence against majority of crime cases across the world. Also, they have helped people to locate a lot of lost things and people through its tapes. If you are adding the same in your house, you aren’t just securing your family and home, you are also creating a close tie with them too. With these cameras installed in your home, and your ability to access their direct recording from your smartphone, enables you to stay in close contact with your home and family, even when you aren’t physically around them!

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