Tips That Help Prevent Theft And Vandalism Of Your Property

No one likes to find their property being ransacked through or being damaged. It is one of those experiences which makes you feel intruded and violated. And the effects of it run much deeper beyond the process of cleaning up. An act of vandalism or theft impacts your sense of security and confidence and causes trouble to the entire neighborhood. And if it’s your office property, then such acts imbibe fear among your employees.

What must be done?

Let’s have a look at the preventive measures you can take to protect your home, your family members and your colleagues to ensure security.

Leave The Lights On

Since the chances of being caught are higher in a well-lit house, burglars do not target such properties. So, keep the lights of your property on and pull down the blinds so that no one sees the interior.

With these two simple things, burglars will not take the risk of intruding in the presence of a member in the house. 

If possible, install exterior lights armed with motion detectors. 

Install Cameras

Vandals want to display their work, but neither they nor burglars wish to to be seen while in action. So, go for CCTV Installation. Install cameras at different positions – keep some visible and have others hidden from the eyes of everyone.

These cameras provide detailed footage and can also help in collecting evidence for punishing the culprits. Moreover, the moment they get to know that your house is under surveillance even when you are not around, they are bound to be deterred from infringing during any time of the day.

You can keep a watch on your property from your portable device like mobiles. If required, you can also inform the local authorities the moments you observe any suspicious movements. 


Alarms are one of the best security systems, which not only sends signals to you but also alarms the local police and the neighbors. 

Some of the highly advanced alarms cannot be tampered with once they are activated. Keeping an eye on your CCTV is not possible always, but a camera with an alarm is a high-security system. An alarm can alert you if there are any unauthorized movements within the premise, and you can immediately check out the camera footage from your mobile, and take necessary action.

Use Protective Glasses

Vandals prefer to work in darkness, so the first thing that they target in your property is the lights. Unbreakable glass and fittings stop them from completing this task. Though they don’t come with a guarantee of never breaking, they will at least take more time to accomplish their mission. And, this type of work also sometimes deter their motivation, and they tend to leave feeling bored.

Thieves and vandals also target your windows to get access to the interior of your property. With protective glass, you can stop them from breaking inside.

Involve Your Neighbours

Nobody likes vandalism, so if you inform your neighbors that you are taking preventive measures against it, most of them will happily support you.

Create community programs and try to involve youngsters, who are often engaged in vandalism out of boredom. Killing the cause of vandalism can be one of the best ways to deal with it. And it will not only protect your property but will also benefit society as a whole.

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