Top Wireless Home Security Components You Must Have

Wireless home security is common in many homes that choose security systems. Unlike a hardwired security system, wireless alarms are easy to install and less visibly intrusive than their traditional counterparts. Wireless alarms are also often less expensive than other alarm types, especially when installation costs are considered.

Wireless Home Security Components

Wireless home security usually includes four common components.
Control panel: A control panel collects all of the signals from the sensors and transmitters and interprets them to indicate a threat. Some control panels will also signal a receiver that will send a message to a home monitoring service if a problem occurs.

Switches and sensors:

These devices are used to gauge any problems. At the very least, switches should be installed on doors and windows to alert the residents if something opens when the alarm is armed.


The alarm is used when a problem is identified by the control panel to scare off intruders.

Panic button:

While a basic wireless home security system may please some homeowners, most choose to upgrade to use a few of these additional devices.

A panic button is a manual device used to indicate a problem within the residence. A panic button can be stationary and installed in a common location, or it can be completely mobile.

Additional Components

Central monitoring receiver:

This device, which may be combined with the control panel, will contact a home monitoring service if a problem is found. Often the receiver is attached to the landline of the residence.

Touch pads:

These are used to make adjustments to the wireless home security system without going to the main control panel. This can be particularly useful in homes with multiple stories.


Lights on a timer may help ward off intruders by simulating a person within the home. These timers can be very sophisticated, turning on and off indoor and outdoor lights throughout the day when you are away.

Wireless home security broadband:

This can be used in place of a monitoring system for homeowners that are often absent from home. The broadband service will notify you if an alarm has been triggered in your home.

A highly rated security system can ensure that your burglar alarm catches any intruders, but it is essential to have home monitoring as well. A high-tech alarm does little good if the authorities are not contacted when there is a problem, especially in remote areas.

Best Type Of Security Cameras
Surveillance cameras
2. IP Camera
3. Wireless Camera
4. Wifi Security Camera
5. Hidden Camera
6. Spy Camera

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